Danielle, Matt, & Kayla

Owners Danielle Defreest and Matt Marvullo opened Every Little Detail in the spring of 2012 with one goal in mind- to create pure and unique moments that are unforgettable.

Danielle started out in the service industry as a teenager, and after graduating with a master’s degree in special education, decided to continue her career in service. In 2003 she became General Manager of a venue whose focus was on wedding production, and she has been planning events ever since.

Matt spent 24 years in the service industry, catering weddings and galas under master-chefs at 5 star venues throughout the country. He met Danielle in 2008, and soon after began helping to plan weddings and events with her. They married in February of 2016.

In 2013 they asked long-time friend Kayla to help them at a wedding, and by the time the reception ended she realized she absolutely loved it.  For the next few seasons she trained as an assistant, and is now a full partner.