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Sean and J.P’s Gorgeous Upstate Fall Wedding

Sean and J.P. were married on September 9th, 2017 at A Private Estate in Germantown, N.Y. We loved their table decor- farm tables with garland runners, napkins tied with navy blue twine and an added sprig of pine, and mixed votives and pillar candles looked beautiful! Our favorite moment was a last minute addition- unfortunately due to hurricanes J.P.’s family couldn’t attend the wedding, so his mother gave her toast over the phone, which was so emotional and heartfelt!


Other favorites of ours:
– The grooms walked down the aisle together with their two beloved dogs Hunter and Piper
– All of their custom items from signs to napkins and drink stirrers matched beautifully
– The Pedialyte packets at the bar which encouraged guests to stay hydrated (because no one likes a hangover!)
– Their cake (coconut cream) was outrageously delicious
– The t-shirts the grooms changed into later in the night- see the pictures below to find out what funny saying was printed on them
– Lastly, one of our other favorite moments was a ‘lap dance’ J.P. gave to Sean- we were cracking up!


Congratulations Sean and J.P!!
-Danielle, Kayla, & Matt

Venue: A Private Estate
Photographer: Jacquelyne Pierson Photography
Florist: Floral Fantasies By Sara
Caterer & Cake: Simons Catering
DJ: JTD Productions
Rentals: Events Unlimited Party Rentals
Wedding Planning: Every Little Detail

5 Things You Should Never Do When Planning Your Wedding

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#1- Never Let The Opinions Of Others Sway Your Decisions

This is the number one thing that we see couples regret later on. Your wedding should be reflective of you and your partner! Maybe you don’t want a traditional ceremony, you want to have a bold color scheme, or you want to use e-vites instead of traditional invitations- it should all be your choice. Now, we’re not saying that you can’t ask for opinions from friends and family, just that the final decision should ultimately be yours.

Tip: When going to appointments to meet vendors, and to decide on choices, try to keep it to just you and your partner. It’s much easier to decide what the two of you want without five other family members weighing in.


#2- Never Get Caught Up In The Details

We know that you want everything to be perfect on your special day (we can’t blame you!), but we always encourage our couples to keep the bigger picture in mind- you’re marrying the love of your life! There will always be small hiccups throughout the day, but believe us, no one is going to notice that the tablecloths are slightly wrinkly, or that one table has two less candles on it. If the ceremony starts fifteen minutes late, that’s okay! The more you can stay in the moment and let the small things slide, the better your day is going to be.


#3- Never Leave Things To The Last Minute

This is a difficult one, because everyone has busy lives, and planning a wedding is an enormous task! However, leaving things like DIY projects, favor assembly, or even packing for the honeymoon until the last minute will cause you huge amounts of stress, and also tends to lead to things slipping through the cracks. If you’re getting close to your day and need some help, ask friends and family to come over and make it into a mini ‘party’!woman stressed


#4- Never Be Unclear About Your Expectations

Before you hire your vendors, and continuing through the rest of your planning process, make sure that you are clearly communicating your needs and expectations. If there is a certain type of wine or liquor you wish to have, your caterer will need advance notice. If you expect your wedding planner to help you put together favors or decorations, they’ll need to know before your wedding. This is another great time to remember to speak up; if something isn’t going according to plan let that vendor know!


#5- Never Ever Forget To Get Signed Contracts

We can’t stress this one enough- you need to have contracts for every single vendor, and you need to read them carefully! Does your caterer have the insurance your venue requires? When is the last day you can add to your rental order? In what situation can your DJ cancel, and what portion of your payments is due back to you? These are all things that your contracts should specify, and if they don’t- ask!


Are you planning your wedding and starting to think you need some help? Contact us for a free consultation!

Happy Planning!
-Danielle, Kayla, & Matt